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Future Guest Speakers 

Sept 15 – Robyn Evans and Brian Martin – Progress Place

Progress Place Clubhouse is a mental health community centre dedicated to improving the lives of people living with mental illness.

Sept 22 – Case Lane

Case Lane is a global writer, entrepreneur, traveler, and the founder of Ready Entrepreneur. Her business prepares aspiring entrepreneurs to understand how to take advantage of technology and global resources, to achieve lifestyle freedom by starting their own online business. Case grew up in Winnipeg as Chi Emeruwa. She is a former diplomat in the Canadian Foreign Service, management consultant and corporate executive. After earning degrees in communications, political science, business, law and economics, she decided to fully participate in the new economy as an online entrepreneur. Case’s latest book Recast: The Aspiring Entrepreneur’s Practical Guide to Getting Started with an Online Business focuses on ten key actions future business owners can do today to move forward with their success vision.

Sept 29 – Kamran Bahrami – Flight Controller for Canadian Space Agency (CSA) / NASA


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Past Guest Speakers

Aug 25 – Janet Law – Toastmasters, Simcoe Speakers Toastmasters Club 

Janet Law is from Simcoe Speakers Toastmasters Club and the winner of over 10 contests. A physiotherapist with a passion in quality management, she joined Toastmasters in 2016 to advance her communication skills and be an effective leader as a Board Member at the College of Physiotherapists. Now her goal is to be a keynote speaker to inspire people and co-create a better society. Today, Janet will share elements of a *fantastic* presentation, with specific tips on virtual delivery.

Aug 18 – Toju Ogbeide – Entrepreneur

Toju Ogbeide often called Tijay is a member of skyline, recently served as service committee chair.

Toju has a background in IT, worked for a number of companies and recently as a Business consultant at Telus before moving on to create a he’s startup called Goodszilla, a marketplace mobile App where individuals sell items to generate charitable donations. Toju is driven by and has a passion for making positive impacts. Goodszilla has exhibited at the Web summit in Lisbon and will be graduating from the Founders institute Toronto in a few week before embarking on a soft launch.


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