RCTS Serves Up a Holiday Feast at the FYFB

For our December commitment to the Fort York Food Bank (FYFB), a group of 7 Skyline Rotarians prepared and served a delicious holiday feast: turkey, BBQ chicken, green beans, four cheese ravioli with tomato sauce, roasted potatoes, white rice, salad and pastries.  The turkeys had been donated to the FYFB and the chicken was the regular RCTS monthly donation. It was an extra special meal because we were able to serve not just seconds, but thirds and even fourths without running out of meat! To spread some extra holiday cheer RCTS President Liz Greenland brought in some candy canes to be distributed to the clients and a stereo to bump some holiday classics…as well as Bruno Mars, One Republic and LMFAO. Everyone really enjoyed the meal and we received several compliments on the quality of the food including a “hats off to the chefs”. We are really looking forward to continuing our partnership with the FYFB in the New Year!

Fort York Food Bank 6 2012-12 Fort York Food Bank 5 2012-12 Fort York Food Bank 4 2012-12 Fort York Food Bank 3 2012-12 Fort York Food Bank 2 2012-12 Fort York Food Bank 1 2012-12

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