Skyliners Raise $1,139 in Trump Aids Poker Walk!

On Saturday April 27th, 2013, in a galaxy far, far away, the Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline participated in the Trump Aids Poker Walk. Proceeds from this event went towards the war on HIV / AIDS through education, prevention, treatment, support for orphans, surviving guardians and people living with AIDs. In addition, communities stricken by HIV/AIDS will be assisted in overcoming shortages of drinking water, food or shelter, essential for recovery and a sustainable future.

17 members of Toronto Skyline walked as team Skywalkers on the boardwalk of Ashbridges Bay. To go with the Star Wars theme, the team walked with Star Wars T-shirts, light sabers and a dog in a Princess Leia costume! During the walk we witnessed a few light saber battles between the Rebel Forces and Galactic Empire. Also, Princess Leia was desperately looking for Obi Wan so she can get out of her costume, it was her only hope.

Skywalkers collected poker cards throughout the walk so the club could win some prizes by getting the best poker hand. All we had was queen high, which was not good enough for Jawa traders, let alone to win a prize. It did not matter though, the Rebel Forces understood the Death Star could not be destroyed by playing poker.

More importantly, the Skywalkers raised $1,139 towards the cause (163% of our goal) and nobody got hurt.

Trump Aids Poker Walk 2013

Trump Aids Poker Walk 2013

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