Skyline Softball is Here!

Bottom of the third, the radiating sun beamed into his left eye as he stood at home plate, anticipating the impending pitch. His team was down by a run, but he was unfazed… Glancing briefly over to first, he glimpsed an eager runner edging further and further from the sanctuary of his base. Though, this was hardly as dramatic as might be let on, given players in this undermanned game were pitching for their own teams; it would be unlikely that he’d get thrown-out.

Ok. Enough of the faux-purple interlude… The pitch came [with considerable heat], Bob Bettson swung, and cranked the fluorescent green hue right off the ‘soft’ball. As he and his comrade rounded bases and the opposing team fumbled aimlessly for the ball, we all realized something.

RCTS softball is rad. It’s fantabulastic, even.

While Aaron’s team inevitably delivered a sizable helping of pwnage to Bob’s, Skyliners and assorted parkgoers had a blast in the sun whilst pretending, if only for a day, that they could take the Jays.

The Snook Middle & High School Blue Jays of Snook, Texas, that be.

Suffice to say – We all had a great time, and can’t wait for the next opportunity to showcase and hidden (and still VERY latent) talents.

Be on the lookout for more awesome RCTS-arranged sporting events!”

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