RCTS Jeoparody!

Clue: RCTS Jeoparody. What is positively riDONKulous?

On the evening of Friday, June 7th, in none other than Liz and Graham’s sweet abode, Skyliners gathered around a nonexistent fire to engage in the most sacred of RCTS pastimes.  You see, since 2012, Skyliners get together to battle to the death.  By battle, I mean play a trivia game in the likeness of the hit show “Jeopardy” and by death, I mean winning a butternut squash. Naturally. Team 1, comprised of Liz, Graham, Andrew, and Vashti faced-off against Team 2, comprised of Kevin, David, Andrew, K, and Odile. Categories ranged from “At the Fort York Foodbank” to “Geographical Rotary”, from “Potpourri” to “Defense Against the Dark Arts”… Well, that last one wasn’t actually a category. Perhaps next year. Team 1, won, by some ridiculously embarrassing margin. I will withhold that margin here, for fear of supremely humiliating Team 2 though, hey, they were awesome sports about it! We raised a total of $240 to be donated to the Kipera water project – The installation of a water tank in a rural village in Tanzania. We are proud that we’re simultaneously able to raise money whilst having a blast – we hope to have an even bigger turn-out next year

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