Bocce Balls for All

The Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline are on the edge of their seat, for tonight, is the 3rd Annual RCTS Bocce Ball Tournament!

Intense Bocce strategy from the second annual RCTS Bocce Tournament.
Intensive strategic discussions at the Second Annual RCTS Bocce Tournament.

Bocce may be one of the world’s oldest sports, but it is rapidly transforming into a current classic. And why not? Bocce offers players of all skill levels a chance to hone their ball-throwing talents on a life-sized shuffle board, all while holding a drink in hand and a conversation on the side.

So join the RCTS gang tonight for some rooftop fun. With funds raised going to support Rotary Foundation and teams competing for Bocce glory (and a spectacular trophy) it aught to be a night to remember! 

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