Zombies afoot?? Have no fear… Rory Mills is here!

What if a cataclysmic event struck tomorrow? Throwing the world into disarray and the few unfortunate souls remaining had to fend for themselves against a new Zombie race?? What would you do???!

Although some of you may be disappointed that Zombies aren’t the certain result of a natural disaster, disaster preparedness is a skill that is useful-as-heck if you ever encounter a hurricane, flood, earthquake or meteor strike (although that one is a bit tricky in any regard)!

Rory Mills, Zombie Squad Leader, Southern Ontario Chapter
Rory Mills, Zombie Squad Leader, Southern Ontario Chapter, and Zombie (left).

Luckily for the Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline, Rory Mills, a member of the Zombie Squad Southern Ontario Chapter, will be joining us this Tuesday October 7th at The Office Pub at 6:30 pm to discuss just that! Cause really, what a better way to learn how to survive a “Zombie Apocalypse” than over a pint of beer and some amazing news on the RCTS international and local charity events!

So come one, come all, for some incredibility practical and pragmatic strategies to make it though the end of the world alive!

Follow Rory on Twitter @CanZmbHntr 

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