Speak Your Word!

Lishai Peel
Lishai Peel, http://www.lishai.ca, Art by David Brame

The art of spoken-word poetry can be traced from the Ancient Greeks through the Harlem Renaissance, to the modern day Poetry Slam.

Serving as a conduit for artistic expression and a commentary on current events, the spoken word may be used as a tool to engage communities and create dialogue. And this is exactly what Lishai Peel is working to accomplish in Toronto communities and with the Toronto District School Board.

Lishai is not only an accomplished poet and storyteller, but she is deeply passionate about working with today’s youth as an arts educator; utilizing culturally sensitive, alternative education practices. Keeping busy in artistic and community works, her other endeavours include coordinator of UNIFFECT, graphic novelist, and musical artist.

So please, join us at The Office Pub, 6:30 pm this evening, Tuesday November 4th, in welcoming Lashai to the Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline, hearing her wondrous storytelling and spoken word.

Upcoming Dates of Note:

November: Rotary Foundation Month

November 5th -11th: Veterans Week 

November 11th: Remembrance Day & RCTS Meeting

November 15th: RCTS Trivia Night 6:30 pm @ Scallywags 

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