CanUgan Yes They Can!

Growing up with a disability in Canada can be challenging but just imagine how challenging that same disability would be if you were growing up in Uganda.

This is something that Navin Parekh has thought long and hard about. With over two decades of experience in international development and a member of the Order of Canada, Mr. Parekh used his knowledge, drive, and passion for helping those with disabilities and in 2010, he founded CanUgan Disability Support Project.

CanUgan’s mission is to support those with disabilities in Kasese District of Western Uganda. By providing assistive devices to aid in mobility and communication and vocational training CanUgan is working to increase independence, mobility and economic access.

Mr. Navin Parekh, Founder and President of CanUgan


This Tuesday November 18th, 6:30 pm at The Office Pub, we have the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Parekh to share with us the great work CanUgan is doing.

So come on down, grab a beer and listen in!

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