RCTS Welcomes Dr. Robert Scott, Chair of PolioPlus

Polio, or poliomyelitis, is a diseases that you may have heard of, but most likely have never encountered personally. And so, for most, it is hard to understand the impact of this crippling and potentially fatal disease.

An infectious viral disease that can strike at any age but mainly affects children under five, polio affects the nervous system and can result in swift and permanent paralysis, deformity, or chronic health issues. First identified as a distinct condition in 1789, there has never been a treatment or cure for polio. Therefore, when a polio vaccine was developed in the 1950s, there was finally hope that this disease could be eradicated.

Dr. Robert Scott, was one person who saw this light at the end of the tunnel and ran for it.  In 1979, with Cobourg Rotary ClubRotary International and later with the aid of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, Dr. Scott began a mission; to End Polio Now!

This week, we have the great fortune of welcoming Dr. Scott to the Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline, Tuesday December 13th, 6:30 pm at McVeigh’s Irish Pub on the second floor.

Dr. Scott will be speaking about his incredible work with Rotary, PolioPlus and more. So come on down, have a pint, and learn about what incredible things you can do when you put your mind and heart to it.

Dr. Robert Scott, Chair of PolioPlus.
Dr. Robert Scott, Chair of PolioPlus.

In 1985, the year PolioPlus was founded, there were over 350,000 polio cases globally. Now, there are less than 350. We are this close!


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