RCTS May Meal Service at Fort York Food Bank (with photos)

The Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline cooks a meal from scratch on the morning of the third Saturday of each month at the Fort York Food Bank (FYFB) in downtown Toronto.  For each session, RCTS shops, preps, cooks, serves and even dishwashes!

DSC04223_1 DSC04235_1
(…scroll down for a full photo gallery!)

May’s session took place on May 16th during the Victoria Day long weekend, but we had a full complement of volunteers and a very busy service.  The RCTS team served up 200 plates of food to the clients of the FYFB.

This week’s rather tasty menu included:
– green salad and beets
– steamed broccoli, carrots and cauliflower
– fried broccoli
– rice
– mashed potatoes
– roast chicken with gravy
– pulled pork with gravy
– roast beef with gravy
– bread pudding

RCTS donates $50 CAD of food to the Saturday sessions that we participate in.  This week the pork and beef was provided by RCTS.

Recently, RCTS together with the Rotary Club of Parkdale-High Park donated much-needed new kitchen knives, tools and cooking vessels to FYFB.  These were in use and made the prep and service much smoother.

Thanks to these Skyline Rotarians and Guests for their great teamwork at this month’s session:  Kristen D., Kristen M., Shady, Karen, Ross, Morrigan, Kevin, Dave A.

(After FYFB, some of us retired to a sunny patio for some Fellowship & Refreshments!)

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