Nov 15 Recap & Coming up

At our weekly meeting on November 15, we had a fascinating guest speaker, Kathleen Davies – a beekeeper and school music teacher. She shared with us about how the important role for bees, plus a fascination with nature, attracted her to become part of the Toronto Beekeeping Collective. Fortunately, despite environmental degradation and pesticides bees are hardy creatures. She says bees are able to survive well in the city. They are kept in many places including the Royal York Hotel and the Ontario Science Centre. Kathleen says the bees have long history dating back to the time after dinosaurs became extinct. They form large complex family groups, and provide us with honey, pollen and wax. There are 20,000 different species of bees who live in every continent except Antarctica. Worker bees are female while the male drones just lie around and are expelled from the hive to die every fall. Hives can have as many as 80,000 bees. Kathleen brought samples of honey produced locally and from elsewhere in Ontario. Thanks for joining us, Kathleen!

Our next meeting is tomorrow, November 21, at 6:30 at the Office Pub. Join us to hear club member Julie Caron speak about her recent trip to Tanzania. We will also be recapping the success of our first-ever Rotary auction!

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