Skyliners recognized for their dedication to Fort York Food Bank!

Last week, RCTS volunteers cooked a huge Indian-style meal for the Fort York Food Bank (FYFB) Open House. We were thrilled to have been asked to be a part of this special day and both surprised and proud when we were presented with a certificate from the FYFB for our service and dedication to their organization! The Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline has been working in partnership with the Fort York Food Bank for over 1 year now. On the third Saturday of every month, 7 to 9 Skyline Rotarians volunteer their day to cook a balanced and nutritious meal for approximately 130 hungry clientele. The challenge and a lot of the fun of doing this comes from not knowing the ingredients before arriving that morning in the kitchen; a lot of creativity is required here. For a long while, our signature meal was the RCTS Irish Hash. However, since our official charter, we’ve been able to donate 25$ each time we volunteer for the purchase of meat, spices and kitchen equipment. Since starting this we’ve been able to expand our repertoire to include mac n cheese, meatballs and jerk pork to name a few of our most enjoyed meals. Although the cooking is really fun and a great way to increase fellowship in our club, the best part of volunteering at the FYFB is interacting with people in the community and hopefully making their lives a little brighter on that day.

Fort York Food Bank Certificate Fort York Food Bank Certificate

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