Skyline Members Volunteer for Out of the Cold Program

On Monday, December 10th, three members from the Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline (“RCTS”) volunteered with “Out of the Cold,” a program organized by members of St. Andrew’s Church. Volunteers prepare and serve weekly dinners from November to April of each year. This Monday, we served 3-course meals to 267 guests, who dined on cauliflower and cheese soup, shepherd’s pie, eggplant parmigiana, and butter tarts with ice cream. The offerings were so popular, many asked for second helpings!

For nearly three hours, Rotarians Andrew Yang, Amber Anderson, and Jin Chien served meals, cleared tables, staffed the “boutique,” and cleaned dishes. This marks the third time that RCTS has been involved with this commendable program; we volunteer every second Monday of the month, committing 3 members each time. Serving and socializing with the guests made this experience particularly memorable and we look forward to our next opportunity in January!

Out of the Cold December 10, 2010

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