Skyliners Wrappin’ Up Some Holiday Cheer!

Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline volunteers wrapped gifts for children from families of
low socioeconomic status via the St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club. The gifts
were all donated by the community and there were a lot of great items! There
are going to be a lot of very happy children when they receive their present!
The donated toys were all sorted by age and gender so each child would receive
an appropriate present. This led to a lot of interesting and engaging
discussions amongst members on gender roles and stereotypes. Thus, not only was
this activity a great way to be active within the Toronto community, it was a
great way to build fellowship amongst RCTS members and think critically about
the kinds of messages we are sending our children and youth. It took us about
4-5 hours to wrap everything and by the end we were covered in glitter, which
was awesome. We had a great time wrapping and also re-discovering our favourite
toys from our own childhood. This is the second year in a row RCTS has
participated in this activity and we’re already excited to do it again next
year. Thanks to St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club for including us in this great
initiative and for providing the delicious muffins!

Christmas Gift Wrapping 2012 Christmas Gift Wrapping 2012 Christmas Gift Wrapping 2012

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