RCTS and volunteers cooking-up a storm at the Fort York Food Bank!

This past Saturday, January 19th, RCTS members and friends of the club descended on the Fort York Food Bank (FYFB) with one goal in mind – To put together a most delightful lunch! RCTS arrived, toting 25 pounds of ground pork for an eventual meatloaf, and volunteers got cracking on the side dishes. In addition to a scrumptious pork meatloaf with a tomato-bbq glaze, volunteers prepared some of the most delicious salads we’ve seen in this kitchen, and baked various rice dishes and four-cheese pasta as complements; which were clearly aplenty, as were the compliments we received! Patrons of the lunch service seemingly couldn’t get enough – we had several requests for seconds and even thirds!!! To top it all off, volunteers brought chocolate chip cookies, which stood little chance from the moment they were set out in the dining hall! We feel it safe to say that, thanks to the hard work of our club members and volunteers Valerie, Andrew, and Maeghan (whose birthday it was), we delivered on a fantastic lunch and look forward to making many more in the coming months!

Fort York Food Bank 1 January 2013 Fort York Food Bank 2 January 2013 Fort York Food Bank 3 January 2013 Fort York Food Bank 4 January 2013 Fort York Food Bank 5 January 2013

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