Sky Battle 2013 Photos and Report

Sky Battle benefit concert and battle-of-the-bands presented by The Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline (RCTS) was held on January 17th of 2013 at the Hard Rock Café Toronto.

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The bands battling rocked out the stage programme in this order:

1. Camel Tones, a local band whose self-titled debut EP was released in November, 2010.
2. The Jones, an indie-rock band that has been a mainstay of the Toronto underground music scene since 2006 and released their second album, “Midnight,” in early 2012.
3. Maoláin (just say “Mullen”), a five-piece band that combines thick harmonies with riff-driven songs to produce a big, acoustic rock sound.
4. Cousin Rufu, a local band with a self-described “pop rock soul” sound.

The ultimate winner was Maoláin, who were awarded the headlining musical slot at the upcoming 2nd Annual Toronto Wing Fest, presented by RCTS, on May 10th.


After all four excellent and entertaining sets, the distinguished judges panel had the difficult task of choosing a winner; the panel was

    • Renan Yildizdogan, singer of Stone River and President of Gypsy Soul Records.
    • Mark Mizzoni, owner of Warrior Artist Management.
    • Gavin Slate, a member of the Canadian indie elite who released his latest EP, “Life as a Salesman” to critical acclaim.

After much deliberation and awarding high points to each band in differing categories, they awarded The Sky Battle Trophys™ to the deserving winners Maoláin.

Sky Battle netted proceeds in 4-figures that RCTS will send to STEP Cambodia’s WAter, Sanitation, and Hygiene  (“WASH”) program. Completion of the WASH program will enable over 1,500 primary and secondary students in the Lveate area (a small village in Cambodia’s Kampong Cham province) to have access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities, including toilets.

All images ©2013 David Anthony / Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline.  Images may be used only on the conditions that they include both a photo-credit and a link to this page.  Thanks for your cooperation.

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