RCTS helps serve up a delicious meal at St. Andrew’s Out Of The Cold Program!

On Monday Feb 11th, three Skyline Rotarians (Kevin, Dana, Steven) volunteered their time to serve 265 guests as a part of St. Andrew’s Out of the Cold Program. Although the streets were wet and slushy, those that journeyed over to St. Andrew’s were rewarded with a wonderful meal of: stracciatella soup, breaded chicken thighs, penne pasta with tomato sauce OR baked 3 cheese pasta, broccoli florets, orange honey glazed carrots and caesar salad. For dessert was homemade Tiramisu! The guests truly appreciated the meal and there was enough food that guests were able to take leftovers home for their families.

Here are some compliments to the chefs expressed by some of the guests:

Tony said, “I like this place because, when you offer a  vegetarian meal it is really vegetarian.  Most places just take the meat off the plate and call it vegetarian.”  Billie grinned and said “What a delicious meal” and Joe coming behind him said, “I agree!”  Derek said  the vegetarian was outstanding. Mark said,  “this place is the best – just look at my gut – and I only eat here once a week, BUT I had 5 desserts tonight.”  Mike – “the dessert was  outstanding, I popped a button.”  Douglas couldn’t say enough about the  dessert, “it was such a treat.”.

RCTS is really proud to be working in partnership with St. Andrew’s Out of the Cold Program as it clearly has a huge impact on the downtown Toronto community. RCTS send 3 volunteers every second Monday of the month from 6 to 8:30 pm to help serve the meal and provide assistance cleaning up the kitchen. It’s a fantastic place to volunteer because of the relationships that are developed with the guests and because all of the guests are treated with respect. RCTS is looking forward to sending volunteers next month!!

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