RCTS Welcomes Katie German: FoodShare & the Field to Table Program

Addressing hunger in Toronto in no small task.

With over 1 000 000 people using Toronto’s food banks and an ever-increasing population lacking the bare food essentials, now more than ever, we need to step up to the plate to fight hunger.

Thankfully, non-profit organizations like FoodShare Toronto are champions in the battle against hunger. Founded in 1985, FoodShare Toronto aims to address hunger in Toronto communities with a unique, multi-faceted, and perhaps most importantly, a long-term approach. Seeking to empower individuals and families FoodShare Toronto works directly with the community while advocating for policies that ensure access to sustainable, healthy food.

School Grown Senior Coordinator at FoodShare Toronto, Katie German
School Grown Senior Coordinator at FoodShare Toronto, Katie German

FoodShare’s Field to Table program, is one such initiative, about which Katie German will be speaking tomorrow September 16th at The Office Pub, 6:30 pm.

Katie’s long history of dedication to her community, through engagement programs, educational initiatives, and financial coordination lends well to her role as School Grown Senior Coordinator at FoodShare.

So come on down for Katie’s presentation on this innovative and inspiring program, updates on our Kipera Water project, and many other exciting RCTS events!


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