Skyliners Cook a Fantabulastic Meal at the FYFB!

Skyline Rotarians Julie, Aaron, Wei, Liz, Graham, and Trevor and Rotaractors Ben and Faiyyad gathered at the Fort York Food Bank on the morning of April 20, to devise, prepare, and cook a most scrumptious meal. Through a combination of will, ingenuity, stick-to-it-ive-ness, and several pounds of chicken and pork… a lunch to rival many-a-lunch was constructed. To start, Ben rocked a solid salad, complete with scrumdiddly-umptious tomatoes and Montreal style bagels turned croutons. Julie et al. whipped-up delicious baked chicken thighs and legs, a pork roast and roasted tomatoes. Aaron prepared some coffee and tea, ad interim Trevor toiled-away at opening some 6 cans o’ tomato sauce sans working can-opener. The goal, you ask? To create a fantabulastic spaghetti sauce. And delicioso ’twas! Aaron attempted to cook some rice – but failed quite miserably, so he returned to doing what he does best… Awesome stuff. Wei recovered some rice, stir fry style. The lunch crew finished with a good 45 minutes to spare, at which time they proceeded to engage in riveting, yet serious debate. Lunch was served to exceedingly happy patrons, dishes were washed by exceedingly tired cooks, and we all hung our aprons with satisfaction knowing that yet another great day at the FYFB was had.

Fort York Food Bank 2013-04-20 1

Fort York Food Bank 2013-04-20 4

Fort York Food Bank 2013-04-20 3

Fort York Food Bank 2013-04-20 5

Fort York Food Bank 2013-04-20 2

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